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Concord Township of Michigan

121 Grove Street (PO Box 236)
Concord, MI 49237

PHONE: 517-524-6804



From each of us in Township Administration as well as your residents and neighbors;  Thank you for being a part of our community!  We recognize that it is you, our businesses, more than any other who support and reflect our economic health to the world at large and it is you, our businesses, who add strength and plurality to our community.  We appreciate the risks you have taken to serve us and we wish you success and prosperity.

Due to the limitations on time and resources, it was not feasible to include every business in this listing, nor was I able to verify all the contact information for each individual company.  Rest assured, any omissions or mistakes are inadvertent.  If I missed you or messed something up, PLEASE, contact me either through this site or email me and I'll do my level best to get it fixed!   Don't like the picture we have for you?  Send me one you do like (high resolution).  Don't want to be listed at all?  Let me know.  Know of another business that should be listed and isn't?  Send me the contact info and a picture if you can.  New business?  Get me the info...



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