Frequently Asked Questions


This page is intended to answer many of the questions our residents have asked.  Please review the appropriate sections and if you do not find the information you need, don’t hesitate to address your question to the appropriate Township Official via their email address on the “Contact Us” page or call the office directly.  


When does early voting begin for the February 27,2024 Primary? Saturday February 17 to Sunday February 25

When does the early voting begin for the November 5,2024 Election? Saturday October 26 to Sunday November 3

What is the link for information on early voting? https://www.mijackson.org/2990/Early-Voting-Information

Michigan Election Law

Assessments & Property Values:

Where can I get Principal Residence Exemption, Rescind Forms, and Qualified Agricultural Forms?

All forms are available online at the State of Michigan, Tax Commission Site; or they may be obtained at the Concord Township Office.

How do I appeal my assessed and taxable values?

In late February a “Change of Notice” sheet is sent to all property owners within Concord Township.  On this sheet are the dates of the March Board of Review as well as instructions on how to appeal.

Why does my assessment change each year?

Assessment values change each year based on what is happening in the market (how property is selling), if new construction has been added or construction removed; and if land values have increased.

Why does my taxable value change?

Taxable value can only go up by the rate of inflation (this figure is obtained from the State of Michigan) or 5% whichever is lower, or if new construction has been added, or something removed from the property.

How are property taxes calculated?

The taxable value is multiplied by the local millage rate, which in turn creates the taxes.  The township treasurer handles the calculation, issuing and collecting of taxes.

Why does the assessor have to visit my property?

Per state law, the assessor is required to do a site inspection of every property within the township every five years.

Taxation & Treasury Matters:

When are the township tax bills mailed to the property owners?

Summer tax bills are mailed so they arrive around the first of July. Winter tax bills are mailed so they arrive around the first of December. The property owner is responsible for making sure they get their tax bill. (Note: call the township if you do not receive your bill in good time:  517-524-6804).

When are the property tax bills due?

Summer taxes are due on September 14th, and winter taxes are due on February 14th. If either date falls on a weekend or holiday then the taxes are due on the next business day, on both summer and winter taxes.  Post marks are not counted!  Your taxes MUST be in by close of business on the due date or penalties will be assessed!

Are there any charges for payments that are made after the due dates?

Yes, summer taxes paid after September 14th are billed at the rate of 1% per calendar month, which means 1% for the balance of September and 1% per month thereafter for every month until the end of February. Summer and winter taxes paid after February 15th and by February 28th are charged a 3% penalty in addition to the 1% per calendar month for the summer taxes.

What happens if my tax bill remains unpaid after February?

If your taxes are not paid by February 28th, they are turned over to the Jackson County Treasurer for collection, as required by state law.

Does Concord Township accept credit cards?

We do not accept credit cards for payment. All credit card companies charge at minimum a 3% processing fee.  The law requires that if we accept credit cards for payment the state requires that we cannot pay credit card collection fees, therefore the person paying with a credit has to pay the 3% credit card fees on top of the tax amount.

How do I get a paid tax receipt?

To get a receipt for your paid taxes you may include the whole tax bill with your payment and we will stamp the top portion “Paid” and return the receipt to you; or enclose a note with your payment requesting a receipt; or call our office and we will print a paid receipt and mail it to you.

Permits & Zoning:

My wife and I want to build a house on property we own here in the Township. What permits do we need and how do we get them?

We’ve tried to make this process simple and straightforward to encourage growth and development here in the Concord Community.  Just link to the “Permits & Applications” page on this website and click on the “Application, Building and Zoning Fees” to access a spreadsheet that will walk you through everything you need.  Find the type of construction or improvement you desire in the left column, and the types & numbers of permits and their fees in the columns to the right.  Use this as a cheat sheet to guide your efforts in permitting your project. You may complete all of our permit forms online then print them and either bring or mail them to our office with your check for the permit fees.  (Note:  ALL permits require that you complete a “Permit Application” form FIRST, before you apply for other permits.)

I have an old dilapidated building (or house trailer) I want to tear down, does that require a permit?

Yes.  It requires a “Wrecking” permit which is provided at no charge.  (There is a Permit Application Fee of $75.00, however.) It is important to obtain a Wrecking permit and notify us when the building has been removed so we can make whatever necessary adjustments in your property values result from that removal.  You really don’t want to continue being taxed on a building that doesn’t exist, do you?

I want to build a 20’ x 12’ shed on my property, will I need a permit?

Yes, you will need to fill out a Permit Application form ($75.00), A Zoning Permit ($45.00) and a Building Permit ($60.00).  You can get these online or at the Township Office.  (Note:  You do not need a building permit for a shed 100 Sq. Ft. or less but you DO NEED a Zoning Permit.)

Is it true that I don’t need a permit to put up a building for agricultural purposes?

Partially, yes.  Essentially, Agricultural buildings used for the storage of crops, farm machinery, animals, etc., do not require Building Permits, but they still must comply with Township Zoning Ordinances and setbacks.  So you would still need to complete a Permit Application($75.00) and a Zoning Permit($45.00) prior to commencing construction.  We would also strongly advise getting permits for any electrical, mechanical or plumbing you plan on installing if for nothing else, for safety’s sake!

Does the Township permit us to move a “Tiny House” onto our property?

No.  You may not have two residences on the same parcel of land in the Township, you must first split the parcel (done through the Assessor’s office) and our Ordinance requires every residence to be at minimum 720 sq. ft., so most “Tiny Homes” are too small.

May I move a single wide house trailer onto my property in the Township?

No.  Because we have Mobile Home Community Zoning within the Township, our current ordinances do not permit house trailers on private property. 


My property is currently zoned “Agricultural” but I’d like to build a small manufacturing plant on it.  What is the procedure for that?

You must apply to have your property re-zoned from Agricultural to Light Industrial or Commercial.  Locate and complete the highlighted portions of the Re-Zoning Application form on this website and bring it in to the office.  We will set up a meeting of the Planning Committee who will review your application and direct your efforts accordingly.

My property is zoned “Agricultural” but is being taxed as “Residential.”  Why?  Shouldn’t I be taxed as “Agricultural?”

Property is always taxed according to how it is used.  Your property may be in an area Zoned for Agriculture, but when you build a house on it and live in it, it becomes a Residence and it is taxed as Residential property because that’s how it is being used.  Zoning has very little to do with how property is used, assessed or taxed, it merely governs for what permitted purposes properties within the zoning area MAY be used.

I want to build a fence around my property, do I need a permit for that?

Yes, you will find the Fence Permit Application on or “Permits & Applications” Page.  You will also need to complete a Permit Application Form as well

Registration & Voting:

How Do I Register to Vote?

To register to Vote, you must be ALL of the following:

  • A U.S. Citizen
  • A Michigan Resident
  • At Least 18 years old
  • A Resident of the City or Township where you plan to register to Vote.

As of a recent change in the law (2019) you may register to Vote right up until the polls close on the day of the election you intend to Vote in!

Where do I get an application to be able to register to Vote?

You may obtain the application at one of the following:

  • Your local Secretary of State branch office
  • Your local county or township clerk’s office
  • Offices of several state agencies, like the Department of Human Services, the Department of Community Health, and the Department of Labor and Economic Growth
  • Military recruitment centers
  • Voter registration drives
  • Online at www.Michigan.gov/sos

Michigan law states that the same address must be used for voter registration and driver’s license purposes.

What do I do with my completed Voter Registration Application?

If you hand deliver your application, the staff person helping you will take your form and you don’t need to do anything else.

If you have never registered to vote in Michigan and choose to mail in your application, you will need to meet an identification requirement. This means you must:

Enter your driver’s license number or personal identification card number where requested on the form


Send a copy of ONE of the following forms of identification with your application,

  • A photocopy of your driver’s license or personal ID card, or
  • A photocopy of a paycheck stub, utility bill, bank document or government document that lists both your name and your address.


In the event you are registering within 14 days of an election, you must register in person at the Clerk’s office with proof of residency.


What happens next?

Your city or township clerk will send you a voter registration card upon processing your application. Keep it in your wallet or purse so you know where to go to cast your ballot.

Where do I go to vote?

Your polling location in Concord Township is 310 Homer Road, Concord, MI 49237

How do I acquire an Absentee Ballot?

You need to contact your local clerk and request an application for an absentee ballot. The clerk will mail you the application, or you may pick it up in person.  You may also request to be placed on the ‘permanent absentee’ list and we will automatically send you the application before each election.

Send the application back to the clerk and she will mail you your absentee ballot. Vote your ballot and return in the mail, hand deliver or drop into the drop box located right off of the pavement at the Concord Township Office at 121 Grove Street, Concord, MI 49237.

Maple Grove Cemetery:

How Do I Purchase a Plot in Maple Grove Cemetery?

First go to the Cemetery and pick out the plot you would like to purchase.  Then contact the Concord Township Clerk and s/he will help you make arrangements for your purchase.

Who Do I Contact to Arrange for a Burial?

Contact the Concord Township Clerk for the necessary information for your burial.  (Sometimes the Funeral Home contacts the Clerk for you, if your family already has their plots.)

How Do I Pay for a Grave Opening & Closing?

Most Funeral Homes include the costs for grave opening and closing in their customary charges and write a check to the Township on behalf of the family.  If not, then you will have to write a check to the Township.

What is the Cost of Grave Opening and Closing for Traditional Burials and Cremations?

Traditional burials Monday through Friday are:

               Adult                                    $800.00

               Child                                    $475.00

               Infant                                  $325.00

For Saturday and Sunday burials add $225.00.

Winter rates November 1 through May 31 add $175.00.

All cremation burials are $400.00.

For Saturday and Sunday cremation burials add $225.00

Winter rates November 1 through May 31 add $75.00.

Where do I purchase a headstone or marker?

You will need to contact a monument company or some of the funeral homes also sell headstones and markers.

Do I need a foundation for a headstone or a marker?

Yes, contact the Sexton and she/he will tell the cost for the size of headstone/marker that you have purchased. Foundations are not poured until payment has been made in full.