Welcome Statement

Thank you for visiting our website!

We trust you will find it informative and enjoyable as well as a revealing introduction to life here in our amazing little community!  As you read through these pages we hope you will begin to get a feel for the warm sense of neighborhood spirit and commonality of purpose in evidence to our residents throughout the Township.  We love this place, and it shows!

Concord Township, in Jackson County, MI., was settled back in the 1830’s primarily as a surrounding AG community to our larger neighbors of Jackson, Battle Creek, Albion and Hillsdale and that intent is still very much in  evidence. Come by the Township Office some time and check out the old photos of that 1830’s-90’s time. Even on a short visit it is obvious that Concord is overwhelmingly peopled with rock solid, salt of the earth, hard working, self sufficient and self directing community members who care about themselves, their property, their neighbors and their community.

With abundant agriculture and wide open space, plenty of recreation, business, and industry it is as close to Heaven on Earth as one can get. (For a quick peek at those, please click on our “We Live Here” page.)  But don’t take our word for it!  Pack up the spouse, the kids and the pets and drive on over for a visit!  But be forewarned!  Once you get here you may never want to leave!