As most of you know, we have been working on revising our Master Plan with the Village for just about the last year. As part of that Plan, we present a series of goals, objectives and plans that detail the vision we have for the future of Concord Township. We get this vision from the responses we received from a survey we enclosed with your tax bills last winter. One of the things we heard often was that the community wanted to see growth. So to encourage that growth and to pave the way for it, we prepared a plan to allow for a MIXED USE – RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL ‘corridor’ along M-60 within the boundaries of the Township. The attached map delineates where that may be.

It is important that you know that this map changes absolutely nothing about life as we know it; all id does is represent our vision of where we would like to see our growth in the future. By incorporating this vision into our Master Plan, we facilitate development of this type in the event anyone decides to purchase property in this area intending to build a business or residential facility in the future.

Again, this changes nothing. And it won’t change anything in the future, either. It is our vision of where we’d like to see our growth and development and what kind of growth and development we’d like to see. We think it’s a good idea and we’d like to hear what you think of it too.

So come to the meetings and tell us!

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