A Well Deserved “Thank You!”

My Mother used to say “Gratitude is the fertile soil in which all good things grow.” And she was right. The more grateful the heart, the lighter the spirit, the happier the person. And it occurs to me that those of us who are privileged to live in this budding little metropolis of Concord, have far more to be grateful for than most. Let’s look at just a few, starting with those whose essentiality is least visible; yet without the services they selflessly provide, our lives would be immeasurably more miserable:

  • Those who reliably and thoroughly pick up our refuse,
  • Those who dependably carry our mail,
  • Those who deliver our packages
  • Those who serve our food,
  • Those who mix or pour our drinks,
  • Those who fix our vehicles,
  • Those who fix our roads, streets, water and sewer systems,
  • Those who drive our ambulances & fire trucks,
  • Those who answer our calls for help,
  • Those who serve in our government,
  • Our Police, Fire Fighters, EMT’s and especially our Military,
  • From all of us – the residents of the Township of Concord – to all of you, our essential service providers, we offer you the boundless, heartfelt Thanks of a grateful citizenry! And especially those who pick up the trash and deliver the mail on Cornell Rd! What would we do without you ?


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    1. Jill Rose-Redman on April 1, 2020 at 8:36 am

      That’s a valuable lesson! I’m thankful everyday for my little community! I love this town.

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