Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

At our most recent Board of Trustees Meeting (October 12th, 2020) we were informed that Naomi Carr, a member of both our Planning Committee and Board of Trustees would be resigning as a result of a major change in her personal life.  You see, that’s because she will be changing her official residence – as well as her last name – when she gets married in the near future!

Naomi is one of those 0ne-in-a-million people who don’t come to life looking for what they can get out of it – they come looking for what they can contribute to it!  Always intending to make a positive difference in any organization she joins, she came to the Township Planning Committee to offer her expertise as a Volunteer Ordinance Engineer in October, 2016.  We were immediately impressed with her; she was diligent, reliable, personable and professional and she always understood that a Township like Concord could never really flourish without the help of many committed citizens like her.  So instead of standing back and waiting for someone else to step in, she stepped up, stepped out and demonstrated how to get the job done.

As a volunteer, she set the standard for accuracy, productivity and cooperation, so it was a natural choice to appoint her to the Committee as soon as an opening presented itself.  Then again we jumped at the chance to appoint her to the Board of Trustees at our first opportunity, too!  In fact, we couldn’t wait to get her involved!  And she far exceeded our expectations!

It would be important to mention here that she works a much-more-than-full-time job helping with managing her family business, Carr Bros. & Sons, Inc., she’s on the Board of Directors for Michigan Aggregates Association and she’s an avid equestrian.  So it’s not exactly as if she has nothing else to do with her time – yet she still made the effort to contribute to her community.  Personally – I’m thinking there’s a lot of people out there who could take a lesson or two from Naomi!

While it is a sad day indeed for those of us here in the Township who have come to rely on her cheerful disposition and her tireless efforts on our behalf, it is nevertheless a very, very good day for Naomi and her fiance, and I trust you will all join with me in wishing her Godspeed, good luck and the best life has to offer in the future!!!

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