Light Up Concord for 2020!


Outdoor Decorating Contest –

It’s On Like Donkey Kong!!!

Our event committee decided that if there was EVER a year we needed to come together as a community, share some Holiday cheer and neighborly good will – 2020 is it!
So it’s on again!
Of course, the program will be drastically different. Of course we will need to incorporate several protective features to keep everyone safe. Of course this will be an outdoor ceremony and of course it will be much shorter than in previous years.
But! Still, it will BE!
One of the most important things this year is there will be no procrastinating allowed! If you are going to sign up you need to do it NOW! Get thee out on thy ladder and get those lights strung, the angels placed, the creches set up, the Santa’s, elves, snow men and sleighs out on the front lawn where they belong! Do it now!
All registration forms MUST be in our hot little hands by 4:00 pm 12/09/2020.
Registration is still only $5.00 per location! Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Concord/Pulaski Food Bank for local distribution.
Judging will take place the night of Saturday, 12/12/202 starting at 6:00 PM.
Decision of the judges are final!
All prizes will be awarded at the Light Up Concord Community Christmas which will be held at the Concord United Methodist Church near the large pine tree next to the building. (You must be present to win!) See the attached flyer for more details.
One more thought ~ Over my tenure as your Supervisor, I have been consistently very pleasantly surprised by the generosity, collegiality and community spirit of our business community. This year they’ve been exceptional. In spite of the crushing shutdowns and restrictions forced on them by circumstances beyond their – indeed anyone’s – control, they still opened their coffers and donated from the heart. The only reasonable explanation for voluntarily giving when it hurts is their obvious love for this community. To me this is both humbling and exhilarating and it fills me with pride to be a part of Concord Township, however small. It reminds me of the biblical story of the old woman who contributed her last 2 coins to the church offertory knowing it would affect her way of living.
So please join with me in making a concerted effort to support these folks without whom we quite frankly, would not have a community.
And you all have the Happiest of Thanksgivings and the most Blessed of Holiday Seasons!

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