Due to the pending retirement of our Supervisor, Al Cavasin, Concord Township is soliciting applicants for that position. Successful applicant will be appointed to complete the remainder of the existing term – January, 2025. You will be required to run for the office in the November, 2024 election.
The Supervisor enjoys a highly visible position with considerable exposure to the citizens of Concord, often on a one – on – one, personal basis. The Supervisor also works with other members of the Administrative staff, the Board of Trustees and all of the committees, our business community and the officials of other local, county and state governments. It is an incredibly rewarding service position.
In addition, Supervisor’s Statutory Duties & Authorities include, but are not limited to:

● Moderates board and annual meetings
● Chief assessing officer (if certified)
● Secretary to Board of Review
● Township’s legal agent
● Must maintain records of supervisor’s office
● Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)
● Develops township budget
● Appoints some commission members
● Member of township elections
● May call special meetings
● May appoint a deputy
● May administer the oath of office

In Concord Township, the Supervisor also acts as the de facto Zoning Administrator, Zoning Compliance Officer and issues all building permits. The supervisor does not, however, have unfettered authority to do as he or she desires. The supervisor must exercise this agent’s authority in a manner consistent with township board decisions regarding legal business.
This is a part time position the office hours of which are largely at your discretion, however they need to be reasonably consistent and predictable for the public. The pay has recently been increased to Twenty Thousand Dollars per Year ($20,000.00). The benefits are the opportunity to serve your community and the satisfaction of improving the lives of your fellow citizens.
If you are interested in this position, please submit a letter of interest and your current resume to:

By Email – [email protected] By USPS – Supervisor, Concord Township
P.O. Box #236, Concord. MI. 49237

Or hand deliver it to our office at 121 Grove St., Concord



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