Sheryll Dishaw

As I’m sure you all know by now, Sheryll Dishaw, our Assessor/Clerk of many decades has gone on to greener pastures, as they say.  Actually, I think those pastures look a lot more like golf courses.  Regardless, after more than 3 decades of service to our community, she has more than earned the right to spend her time as she sees fit.  Her service to our budding little metropolis here has been nothing short of exemplary and very fortunately for us, she is leaving her office in good hands.

And those good hands belong to this young lady:

Terri Butts

A life-long member of the Concord Community, Terri comes to us with a wealth of clerical experience, a great attitude and eagerness to serve.  What’s not to like?  She’s in the office every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 0800 until 1600 so stop in and welcome her aboard!



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