The View From The Cheap Seats!

Well, folks, here we all are – just a hop, skip and a jump from March, 2020! It’s amazing how quick the time goes, isn’t it? I have a theory about that which maybe we’ll discuss later, but for now….

Those of you more astute types will have no doubt noticed that this is my first official “news” letter of the year. (My apology to those who’ve been starving for information!) Rest assured, though, that this puppy is just packed full of interesting content and educational material! So grab yourself a libation, throw another log on the fire and settle in for a long read!

Coming to Terms With My Term

Just about 4 years ago, I made the decision to take on the responsibility of managing our budding little metropolis. Today, that term is drawing to a close and many are asking me: “Are you going to run again?” I find that gratifying and flattering, and for those who would like to see me take on another term, I am grateful for your support. However, the short answer is “No.”

When I campaigned for this position I made it perfectly clear that I had no desire for a political career, no aspirations to higher office and no intentions of continuing to work in any capacity at all into my appreciable future. I was retired, happy and at peace with the world and I said I would do this just once and only once. In fact I put that in writing (as I did everything I said during my tenure) and you can find it here; and I published it long before I took on this office. But most importantly, I promised Linda, my wife of (now) 48 years, that I would only do this once. I told her I would give it my best for four years and then hand the reins to someone else. That time is now.

You should know that I dearly love this job and I always have. I believe it is a perfect fit for me, it taxes my skills and abilities and provides me with an outlet for my creative energies. I love those of you whom I’ve met and worked with too, and I sincerely enjoy (most of) our discourse. Most of all I love the Concord community and all that it is and all it’s potential. This is a good community, with good schools, good people and an awesome business community. I hope our citizens realize just how blessed they really are here.

In closing I want to say that I deeply appreciate your faith and trust in me and the opportunity to try and make a contribution. If you aspire to a really excellent public service position, now is your chance. Step up and throw your hat in the ring and let’s see what you can do!

From our Friends Across the Pond:

I attended a very positive community meeting last Thursday at the Village Hall. Village President Jeremiah Bush had invited Paula Holtz of MEDC and Shawn Preissle of MI-SBDC to discuss what assistance, funding and grants were available to anyone who may want to rehab one of the historic buildings downtown and put a business in it. There were about 12 or so people in attendance, all of them either already owned one of the buildings or intended to purchase one. Personally, I was thoroughly impressed! To see this much interest in rehabilitating and developing our downtown is nothing short of awe inspiring! I just love it when the home team is winning, don’t you?

BTW: I’ve spent pretty much my whole life in businesses of one sort or another. I’ve had a few that failed and a few that did really well so I know the good, the bad and the ugly so to speak. I especially know marketing and finances and I am happy to help anyone in the community who wants to start or improve a business. And the best part? I’ll talk with you for free! So if you have a question, concern or idea, just call. I’m in the book…

In Other News:

Most of you know we contracted with AmLegal to codify and digitize our ordinances for publication to the web. We received the first draft of that document last week and I am pretty impressed! Once the process is finished we wil have the complete Code of Ordinances available on our website where you can just click on the icon to find out anything you want to know about life here in our community. I anticipate having this project completed sometime around September or October of 2020. Keep an eye out for future updates!

The MASTER PLAN IS DONE!!! I would like to acknowledge Jeremiah Bush and the folks on the Village Planning Committee for their tireless and selfless work on that document. We are all deeply grateful for your efforts on our behalf. You can find it on our website.

We have recently received two framed, historical maps of the Concord Area. Thy were donated by the Alan Juback and his wife of Grass Lake. They acquired them while cleaning out unwanted materials in an estate and thought they’d have some value to us, so they gave them to us! As near as anyone around the office can figure, we thing they are from the late ’60’s or early ’70’s but we don’ know. They are proudly displayed in our meeting room so come on down and give us your best guess as to what period they are from.

‘Till NextTime!


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