Concord Commercial Corridor

A couple of years ago, we developed a vision for the future of Concord Township which recognized that we needed growth to survive and prosper, and we need organized growth to keep the peace in the community.  So, as we were developing our Master Plan we included a “Mixed Use” (Commercial and Residential) corridor along both sides of M-60 through the entirety of Concord Township – or about 6 miles, more or less.  This didn’t ‘change’ anything concerning any of that property; not the zoning, use, taxation or classification.  All it did was eliminate a potential stumbling block and remove a piece of red tape in the event one of those property owners wanted to sell to a commercial enterprise or multi-family builder.  Effectively it made it easier, less time consuming and less expensive to have the property re-zoned for the desired use, thereby rolling out a red carpet in a manner of speaking.  If you are unaware of the plan, I’ve included the map for you.

Fortunately, every once in a while a plan will come together.  I love it when that happens!

Recently, we began issuing permits for a new office/showroom/storage building on M-60 near Allman Rd., which is expected to be completed yet this year.  I have also begun the rezoning approval process for another specialty ( internet based) car/truck/motorcycle parts warehouse on Homer Rd.  Once up and running, these businesses will bring much needed tax revenue, jobs and traffic to our community and hopefully will attract yet more business.  It will also help us create an image of a more vibrant and progressive Township.


I happen to think that will be a very good thing.

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  1. Jill Rose-Redman on July 28, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    Forward thinking & planning is always appreciated!

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