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Concord Township of Michigan

121 Grove Street (PO Box 236)
Concord, MI 49237

PHONE: 517-524-6804

Archive for July 2019

Concord Township DRAFT Board & Administrative Policy Manual

Concord TWP Board Policy Manual Based on a framework provided by the Michigan Township Association I drafted this manual in 2017 to address a shortcoming in Township Management Architecture. It’s been discussed several times since and has been brought to its present form by your Admin team, Sheryll Dishaw and Judy Clark and I. It…

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The View From The Cheap Seats 7-19

The View From The Cheap Seats By: Al Cavasin Let’s face it folks – All bacon is good bacon, amiright? Well, that is very true! But in some philosophical circles (such as those peopled by Dr.’s Ammerman, Norris and Haugen) there travels a hypothesis that some bacon is better than others! That may come as…

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