WELCOME!!! New Planning Committee Members!

Nothing I enjoy more than putting motivated, enthusiastic, innovative, capable volunteers to work in service to the Township! Except maybe fishing. But I digress. This month we’ve added two new contributors to the Planning Committee to help shoulder the load we assumed when Bill Carr and Dr. Candy McCorkle resigned their seats.

Our first volunteer is Kibby Snow, whose family history in Jackson County and Concord Township spans back through the 1800’s; he could accurately be called one of Concord’s pioneers! He’s held a number of positions in both government and private industry and brings a wealth of experience, education and most importantly – connections! I don’t think I’ve yet met anyone who doesn’t know the name. I love this guy! We disagree on almost everything in most every area of life – except our love for this community. That gives us a commonality of purpose which will bode very well for our mutual future! He is the young man on the left in the captioned image.

Second is Kevin Bohl, who is one of our newest residents, recently moving here from California. He had the misfortune of coming to me for permits to build his new home in our community, and when he did, I immediately press ganged him into service! He comes with a wealth of experience and education as well, and what is most impressive about both of them is their dedication to community service. Kevin is on the right in the photo.

Here is an article our most erudite local lexicographer, Ken Wyatt, wrote up to introduce them:

PARK DIALOGUES. Last night’s meeting at the Concord Township Hall featured the induction of two new planning commissioners – Kilbourn Snow and Kevin Bohl. Afterwards, I had some conversation with both. One of the topics we covered was Concord’s lack of a parks and rec committee, which is being addressed at the planning commission meetings. Now, since the question is raised – what opportunities are there for a township park? That issue will be a sensitive one. There is one strain of thought that reasons, why mess with parks when you don’t have the resources to keep roads in good repair? But one answer to that practical observation is this: Parks help to make a community a place where people want to live. They are small magnets, and as they attract people, they also potentially build tax base, with which you might find better resources for repairing roads. Yes, this is a very good discussion for a community to have.

Ken Wyatt


  1. Rich Frommeyer on September 18, 2019 at 12:19 pm
    • Jill Nygaard on September 2, 2021 at 10:22 pm

      Hi Mr Frommeyer,

      Would like to get ahold of My Kevin Bohl.

  2. Eric and Sheri Hurst on November 7, 2019 at 9:25 am

    I was glad I attended the Concord Twsp. Planning Comm. meeting last night. Nov. 6, 2019

    Thank You for letting me know about the community meetings available for new and present Home Owners to attend when I stopped into the office to get our permits for building.

    I was so pleased with the Committee and also yourself. You’re all hard at work and totally transparent on the issues and concerns within our Community.
    Thank You for all the commitment and time you’re taking to make Concord a vibrant and prideful historical small town Community.

    Also, Thank You for letting me know to check the website for Churches, Businesses and Restaurants. We found it very helpful and we signed up for the newsletter too. ~

    Sincerely, Eric and Sheri Hurst

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