According to my sources close to the Vatican, Mike Small has passed the spatula on to Shelley Blair and her partner Edgar Moske.  The venerable JAX BBQ has now been rechristened HotRodz Smokehouse and the Concord “Q” tradition continues.

Shelley worked for Mike almost from the beginning of JAX and recently partnered with Ed to purchase the facility.    They intend to build the business and expand the menu until they are able to purchase another location for take out only.  For now, they are focused on creating consistent culinary delights, smoking meat and fish and other wonderful things.

If you haven’t tried them out, drop on in and take the whole fan damily!  And if you have, go back!  They’re always happy to see you…  You can thank me later!!


  1. Michael Small on December 3, 2020 at 3:14 am

    The truth. I got the Covid 19 virus after the Concord High School Basketball Game March 11th. March 16th I was down for the count and went on a respirator for 5 days. It’s no new Q. It’s all my recipes. I do not know what your sources are to the Vatican but they are absolutely incorrect. I did not pass the spatula on to anyone. (what ignorant statements) Get your story straight! How inappropriate for a government official to make such an outlandish statement. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

    • Al Cavasin on December 4, 2020 at 1:57 pm


      Interesting. Did you, or did you not sell the restaurant to the group who are in there now? They told me you did and I have no reason to doubt them. If you didn’t – take it up with them.

      This is the second time you’ve posted a snarky, nasty comment on our website and it’s the second time you’ve been dead wrong. You seem to have a penchant for going off half cocked before you even bother to ask a question. The first time you wrote and accused me of deliberately not including your business in our business section, which you would have known was untrue had you troubled yourself to click on the page.

      Now you’re accusing me of making ignorant, outlandish statements and telling crooked stories. Look, Mike, there is no one in this community who has done more, more often to support and promote you and your business than I have. No one. So if you find yourself troubled by something you imagine I’ve done or said, why not give me a call and ask what’s going on instead of getting your knickers all in a knot and making a fool out of yourself?

      Or better yet, drop on in to the office and you can say what you think to my face.

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