Well, it’s not TOTAL freedom, but it’s a start.

According to my sources close to Lansing politics it appears that our wise, generous, loving, considerate, fair, even handed and otherwise-wonderful-in-so-many-ways-Governor, has decided that we can dip our collective toes in the pool of normalcy, which has for the past 13 months remained just a chimera, beyond our reach.  Apparently, she has decided that local governments, businesses and other public places can return to some semblance of business-as-usual permitting increased capacities and extended hours of service – especially for restaurants.  You can read the entire MDHHS edict HERE.  I suggest that if you want to be in compliance with the law, you should take a look at it.  Personally, I’ve had all I can take of this.  If you would care to hear my opinion on this you can read it as presented by Heather MacDonald, HERE.  Do keep in mind that is my personal opinion, it has nothing to do with the Township.

Even more importantly though, this is what I published the last time this happened.  It is every bit as true and applicable today as it was then.

From 5/2020:

Hello Concord!

Here we are pretty much halfway through the year but it sure doesn’t feel like it, does it?  If it weren’t for all the recently completed home repair, cleaning and construction projects I’d say so far it’s been a wash.  Fortunately, I think all of us have used this time to our advantage in one way or another, some to our great advantage.  My house, for instance, hasn’t been as clean as it is now in…well…ever.  I’ve managed to fix a whole bunch of broken stuff, most recently including an old rototiller that hasn’t run in 26 years.  No kidding!  And Linda and I have taken many opportunities to get out and deliberately patronize our local businesses over and above what we would normally do.  I only wish I could convince our community of how absolutely critical they are to our way of life here.

I’d like to dwell on this for a second because it’s important: Our business community is, in my experience, the most generous, supportive, helpful group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  We should all be jealous as hell of them, they make our community what it is.  There is no question that any one of them would be doing infinitely better were they located in Jackson, Battle Creek or Ann Arbor, but they chose to locate here and serve us in this community.  They support everything done in this community, and if we’re to be honest about it, without their support these things just wouldn’t happen.   Think about that.

Today, we are preparing to end (in some fashion) our forced incarceration.  Our temptation will always be to go where things are cheapest or where we have the largest selection.  Resist that, at least initially.  Spend your money here, where it will make the most difference and have the greatest impact for you, your neighbors, your children and your community.

It is the least you can do.

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