Supervisor Blog #3


Out with old and in with the new is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. No matter what, showing gratitude is a good thing. Gratitude for both old and new can generate so much Community and Concord Township would like to express its gratitude for so many of our Community Members in 2023. Let’s start with how 2023 ended. Thank you to Becky Raut, Trailhead Coffee and Christi Saenz, MICA Volleyball, for all your “volunteer” time toward Light-Up Concord. All those hours, while continuing to contribute to the Community. To Harry Thomas, our Electrical Inspector. And though you received compensation, our gratitude is for being a man of integrity for the Township during your time as our Electrical Inspector. Enjoy Retirment!

2024 is the start of early voting in the State of Michigan. 9 days of voting means you can start on Saturday, February 17 on through to Sunday, February 25, 2024. For more information, you can check out the following link at…

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