News From the Dungeon

It’s Hard to Put a Good Town Down!!!

At least that’s what my sources at the Vatican say….

And now for news from the dungeon

Sattler’s Tasty Treats opened this spring marking their 49th year in business!!! This makes them one of the longest running continuously operating businesses in the Township, and in the top 25 in the County! Not to mention in the top 3 for satisfying the old sweet tooth! They had always been the treat-of-choice for our Hot Shot Little League-ers after a win on the area diamonds. Why not stop in and tell the Sattler’s “Thanks” for being a pillar of our community and have yourself a Tasty Treat while you’re at it?

Monkey Run Naturals will be marking one year in business in downtown Concord next month.
Proprietor Melissa Friedrick is quickly becoming the go-to shop for things like honey, peppermint
and dill pickle lip balms, magnolia and lavender soaps, sleep balm, cold relieving chest rub and stress
relief balm. If you like those sorts of things, you should buy them from her; if you like having business in
Concord, you should make an effort to patronize our local shops.

Another very beneficial addition to our cadre of downtown delights is our new Lightning Quick
Convenience store and Gas Station. After a considerable investment in both the building and property,
Owner Rex Christ has singlehandedly done more to keep fuel prices in line locally than any one in
memory. For those who don’t yet know – if you go into the store to pay for your fuel, they take an
additional $0.10/gal. off your bill, even if you pay by credit card! In and of itself, that’s a great reason to
buy your fuel there. If you need another, they’ve made an investment in your community. Enough said?

Finally, (for this edition, anyways) we need to give a shout out for Concord’s bedrock agribusiness –
Joer’s! An agricultural staple for many decades before Linda and I moved here, the Joer’s have seen –
and weathered – it all. Long the go-to place for feed, seed, fertilizer and other farm necessities, Joer’s
dispenses one thing hard to come by at the ‘big boy’s’: proven expertise. I will heartily attest to the
effectiveness of their advice and products and I have a suggestion: If you need fertilizer for anything,
including your lawn this year, why not try purchasing it from Joer’s? You can thank me later.

Once again, let me reiterate: It takes courage, commitment and risk to start a business anywhere, let alone
in a town of just 2,700 souls most of whom aren’t old enough to vote. True, it’s exciting and exhilarating
to start something new but it’s also scary as hell to put your life savings, your assets and your future at
risk to provide a product or service to a community. The absolute least we can do is try to support these
people. And remember – if you have a bad experience with a local business – TELL THE OWNER!!!
Don’t go running around bad mouthing them in the community. Likewise, if you have a good experience

Concord cannot grow without your commitment to make it so.

Stay tuned….

News From the Dungeon

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