Light Up Concord – Business Bonanza!!!

As Township Supervisor of this budding little metropolis, I am always amazed and impressed at the generosity demonstrated by our local business owners. Whenever they are asked to support a community event, a charitable cause or a benefit for our residents, almost every one of them immediately jump on board with everything they have. I never have to ask them twice and every one of them who donate, donate to the absolute best of their abilities. They are so typically generous that I often wonder if our residents understand just how truly, thoroughly blessed we are to have them as members of this community.

And, as a former owner of 3 failed and 3 successful businesses myself, I can attest that in spite of the popular theory that if you own a business you’re ‘rich’ that is almost never the case. Most business owners sacrifice many of the conveniences society at large takes for granted to provide a service to their community. Let’s face it: Concord is a very small Township; and because of that it is even more difficult to make a living in business here than most other, larger areas. As residents of this community, we need to constantly be looking for ways to support and patronize them – like they support and patronize us. Just think of what life would be like without them!

So it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to announce that our very own Mindy Bradish-Orta, President of the Greater Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce (and one of our contest judges!) has provided us with a one year, fully paid membership in the GJCACC for the top business decorator in this years’ competition!!! That’s just one way of saying “Thank you” and giving something back to the entrepreneurs who enrich our community so much and afford us the choice to shop, work and stay local.

Several of our businesses have entered the contest already and all still have time to get in on the bandwagon – so why not go out and help promote the contest, offer your favorite business some help decorating, and encourage those who are not entered to get involved. After all, this is your community too!

Wishing you and your families the Happiest and Most Blessed of Thanksgivings,

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