My Take on the Corona Virus Issue

Today I want to walk for a moment on the road less traveled. Instead of my usual jocularity, political snarkery or progressive exsanguination, let’s look at an abiding and indisputable truth:

I look around me today at what I’d describe as a catastrophic social disaster; many are falling ill from a virus which has triggered pandemonic terror in the populace, unleashed tsunamis of paranoia, distrust and loathing and a firestorm of accusations, blame and outright hatred. Some of us blame government over-reaction, some under-reaction and some are just looking to cash in on the crisis.

It’s easy to forget that we are all better than this.

Most importantly, it’s easy to forget that no matter how decimated life seems at the moment, God’s got this. It is simply unthinkable to imagine that He doesn’t have a plan in all of it and that He can’t clean up any mess we make. I take a great deal of solace and heart in that and may I suggest that you do, too. You can’t trust and worry at the same time no matter how hard you try.

You folks are going to do what you’re going to do and I don’t for a second believe anything that’s said on FB will change anyone’s mind. Having been prepared for this (although, admittedly, not quite to this magnitude) much of my adult life and having a deep and abiding faith, I’ve decided to listen to the prevailing expertise and take reasonable precautions in the hopes (and belief) that if we all do, we can shorten the duration of this virus and resume a more normal life. That’s my plan, anyhow.

So, for those of you who have faith, please join me. And if you’ve lost your faith, walked away from it, never had it or grew up without it; today is a great day to take a hard look at it. It not only allows you to live in much greater peace, but you can think of it as an insurance policy. And we all buy insurance, don’t we?

Be Well, all.

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