“The Only Constant In Life Is Change!” – Heroclitus


Having spent my entire life on the cutting edge of risk called ‘business’ I always get a knot in my stomach when I hear a business is closing, especially a small business where I know the proprietor has invested his/her entire life savings in creating it.  And so it was when I heard that Hot Rodz Smokehouse closed their doors just a short while ago.   As a successor to Mike’s “JaxBBQ” they added much to the Concord community, not the least of which was ‘choice’.  The option for those of us who live here to stay here and dine here instead of driving to Homer, Albion, Spring Arbor or beyond.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we are a very small community and our local options are limited.  If we fail to support those who are left, we won’t have them, either.  If we all make it a point to spend an extra $10.00 per month at a Concord business; we’ll be sure that the businesses we have here – will stay here.


That is, unless you like driving…..



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