Recently a couple of residents of Concord Township have asked about the Supervisor’s Blog. Al Cavasin wrote some “good stuff” over the years he was the Supervisor. I remember thinking that writing had never been one of my strong points and for sure could never come close to my wife’s writing skill. I have spent a lot of time researching and learning about my position and also talking to you about how best I can help Concord Township move forward. As a forward-looking person, I certainly don’t want to forget to commend Al Cavasin on the tremendous job he did for Concord Township. Thanks Al, two big thumbs up for you! And now, it probably is time to just go for it and do my best to write about happenings for 2023 and beyond for the Concord Township as seen by me, David Saenz. I love to hear people’s views/viewpoints, so when you see me at the Village Council, Concord Schools, and Coffee or lunch meetings, just know that I am open to it. So, let the writing begin!

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