We Need Your Help With This!

Concord Township, Supervisor Al Cavasin
Village of Concord, President Jeromy Bush
CFD Chief, Lloyd Mosher
Pulaski Township, Supervisor Bob Jones
PFD Chief, Dan Riley

As your government representatives, we need your advice!
Over the past several weeks we’ve engaged in informal discussions about
the feasibility of merging the Concord and Pulaski Township Fire
Departments and examining the pros and cons of such an effort. From those discussions we have come to the opinion that combining our Fire departments makes perfect sense from almost every angle we can look at it: a combined service makes better use of the available staff, better use of the available equipment, it’s more economical, more cost effective and offers better service to all of our residents in all of our communities.

So we need your help with this: is there something we are missing?Something we’ve failed to consider? Some hazard we are not seeing? Please let us know!

We know we have a great deal of work to do and it will take a considerable
amount of time to put something like this together and make it work. And before we do that, we need to be sure where our community stands on it. There isn’t a lot of sense in investing the time and effort necessary if it isn’t what you want. So talk to us. Come to the Board meetings, call us, write us, email us, whatever works for you. But DO tell us what you think. If we do this, we are not doing it to make life better for us, we’re doing it to make life better for YOU!

We’ve listed many of the “Pros” and “Cons” for this merger below. Please
add anything you can think of to the list. We need to know! You can contact us as follows:

Al Cavasin
Concord Twp.
[email protected]

Jeromy Bush
Concord Village
[email protected]

Bob Jones
Pulaski Township
[email protected]

Pulaski and Concord Fire Department Merger Pros and Cons

Safety Benefits/Pros:
Quicker Fire & Emergency Response Time.
Increased Number of Firefighter Staff.
Better Trained Staff. Pride:
Likely Lower ISO Rating.

Economic Benefits/Pros
Budget Split Equally Between Three Government Entities.
Purchases Split Equally Between Three Government Entities.
Training Costs Split Equally Between Three Government Entities.
Less Equipment Needed By Both Departments.
Less Equipment Equals Lower Insurance Costs.
Less Equipment Equals Lower Maintenance Costs.
Merging Leadership Would Reduce The Number Leadership Positions Needed and Reduce Labor Costs.
Overall Lower Operating Cost.

Collaboration Equals Increased Grant Opportunities and Likelihood of Receiving Grants & Increases.
Lower ISO Rating Could Equal Homeowners and
Property Insurance Savings For Residents

Community Collaboration/Pros
We Are One Community With Shared Experiences,
Family, Friends, and Values. We Care About The
Wellness of Each Other and Working Together Would
Make Us Safer and Save Funds Which Could Be Used to
Better All Involved Communities.

Did We Miss a Benefit/Pro? Let Us Know!


Lack of Communication Led to Split and Could Derail Combined Fire Department Again.

If Equipment Was Combined and Split Reoccurred How Will Equipment Be Split? Who Gets What?

Some Firefighter Staff May Not Be Happy With Combining Departments or Changes in Leadership Hierarchy and Choose to Resign.

Did We Miss a Negative/Con? Let Us Know!

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