Thinking You May Have a Problem With Your Property Taxes?

Well, then, this is your time of year!

Appended to this document below are the schedules for the Board of Review meetings we have coming up to provide you with a forum for airing your concerns. If you really think the way your property is valued is unfair, then we heartily encourage you to schedule an appointment and come in and tell us why. If you can support your allegations with some sort of evidence (more on that in a minute) there is a very good chance we may make some adjustments. This is how our government is supposed to work, and if you make an effort to work within the system, you will find that it works for you, more often than not.

But if you don’t bother to come to the meetings and talk to us you might as well be griping on social media.

Here is what you need to do to present your case:

1. Put your case together. If you think your valuation is too high, tell us why. Have there been other homes or properties that have sold in your area which are comparable and sold for less? Bring the real estate listing or other documents with you.

2. Did we incorrectly value a new addition? Bring your receipts and show us where we are wrong.

3. Did you tear down a building or lose one to a fire and we still have it on the rolls? Bring us some pictures or other documentation.

4. Do you feel we have your new modular or pole barn over valued? Bring us your receipts, the purchase agreement or your contracts.

I absolutely guarantee you we will listen to you! (Providing you are respectful)

From my perspective, our Assessor is probably the most competent, professional and compassionate in my experience. She is not perfect and she knows it, so if you can point out an error, I have never known her not to make it right. We also have a very well trained and experienced Board of Review, and they are your friends, neighbors and relatives. They have a stake in this community and they live here just like you. Talk to them – that’s how this is supposed to work.

Griping to your neighbors is a lot like yelling at the TV; it gives you some momentary relief but testing proves they can’t hear you. Just click this link for the meeting info:

BOR Door Notice

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