Remember When TV Was FREE?

I don’t think it was all that long ago when The only things you needed to watch TV were the TV itself and maybe an antenna of some sort.  Your channel choices were largely limited only by your location and choice of receiving gear, sit-coms were funny, news was, my brothers and I were the remote(s) and commercials were limited to about 10 minutes on the hour.   But I digress, I guess.

Today, we routinely spend more than $1,000.00 per year for programming that amounts to tripe and to watch it, we need to endure astoundingly repetitive, pointless, asinine commercials which are, at best, an insult to our intelligence.  But I digress, again.

Anyhow, it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would shell out good, hard earned money on second rate service like this, but we do.  And every once in a while, our providers add a little insult to our injuries and this is just such one of those occasions.  Here is a notice I received after my last newsletter was published.

WOW Increase





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  1. Lawrence Redmond on June 18, 2020 at 12:51 am

    That makes the third increase in a year give or take a couple months. 20 bucks last March.. Blamed on the cost increases from over the air channels, and cost of sports programming.

    Then another 20 in December blamed on the same thing. And this notice was in our recent Bill.. Another 10 bucks, courtesy of the same reasons…

    SO we cut the cord.. Actually we cut it 10 days before we got the notice. We have had Netflix, and Amazon Cube.. We have been trying to learn the ways of “Streaming TV” .. It isn’t easy for an old dog to learn new tricks..

    BUT, That said, Our old stand-by antenna on the roof pulls in 33 local stations.. We had gotten an invite from WOW about dropping cable TV and switching to Streaming.. SO we did it.
    We went from 100 to 200 internet speed. They gave us an updated WiFi Modem to handle streaming… AND we eliminated TV service, WOW picked up their DVR, Reciever and remotes, Effective next month we would have been paying 188 a month. NOW our WOW bill will be 62 a month.

    We picked up Philo TV for 20 bucks a month, that gives us things like the History channel, Discovery ,HGTV, Nat GEO and 50 others. Our New TV is “Streaming Ready” and came with a free subscription to Roku.. and we grabbed a few other free services. If you like sports, there are services for a fee that give all the live sports you can handle. I think we will be able to find something to watch, once we finally get used to the new way of watching the Boob Tube…..and still saving over 100 a month.

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