At LAST!! Some Treatment For Our Road Rash!


Well, Folks, You may be happy to know that we have finally hammered out an agreement JCDOT to address some of our most serious driveability issues in the Township.  Working closely with Jim Cole at JCDOT we identified our gravel roads as the most seriously in need of attention here in Concord.

With a steady decline in hard maintenance coupled with frequent torrential rains they have taken an almost unsurvivable beating, with Cornell Rd. and Warner Rd. suffering most.  And, taking into consideration the meager amount of money we have to work with, we decided that the gravel roads would provide the biggest bang for the buck.  So, we elected to reform and regravel ALL of the gravel roads in the township.  That ws facilitated by the fact that Mr. Cole got us a 50% match instead of the customary 30%.  Thank you, Mr. Cole!   I’ve included the actual agreement in this post so you can take a look at it.

2020 – 2021 Road Contract

Additionally, we will be participating in a pilot project for a different method of rebuilding gravel roads.  It involves several steps beyond what is normally done to rebuild a road and should (we hope) produce a much more durable driving surface.  That is a separate agreement and not part of the attached contract.  And yes, in case you are wondering, we have that fully funded as well.

Since Jim Cole was the engine that drove this whole train, I’d suggest you contact him at JCDOT and express Concord Township’s sincere “Thanks” for a job well done.


BTW:  The work will likely not commence until late August or early September.  So be patient!



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