Bridge & Road Report

Well Folks, It’s Official!  The Cornell Rd. Bridge is well and truly completed!  And if it Ain’t just the Jim-dam-dandiest-bridge anywhere this side of the Pecos River, I just don’t know what is!  Our JCDOT crews worked through Veterans’ Day to get the guardrails in and they had ‘er all up and shining like the sun by Friday afternoon!  She’s a peach, I can tell you…


Now for the bad news….as you will readily see by reading the date on this “news” letter, it’s Saturday, and our bridge has been completed for less than 24 hours.  I’m sure glad I got a chance to drive over it a couple of times before one of our residents wrecked it!  Yep.  You heard me.  Wrecked it!  Knocked the end cap clean off our brand-spanking-new guardrail!  But don’t you worry folks, it’ll be fixed up quick, one of our JCDOT crew lives close to the bridge and has already submitted some pictures and a report.  And THAT folks is why Deputy Jacobson says we can never get anything new around here!

And from the Lastly-but-not-Leastly files:  Work has commenced on rebuilding every one of our gravel roads in the Township.  It has been a long time in coming, and many of them have gone beyond the maintenance phase, so we decided to concentrate on them this year and see if we couldn’t bring them back up to serviceability.  In my last conversation with JCDOT’s Jim Cole, he tells me they will all be completed BEFORE WINTER!!!   The process is well under way with the prep work already completed on several of them.  So when the relatives come in for Thanksgiving this year, they will be able to leave with their vehicles all in one piece!

One more thought on this folks:  Our JCDOT crews take a lot of pride in our roads and in their work and they work incredibly hard to keep them drivable on a shoestring budget.  So when you see them out grading or patching or paving please give them a ‘thumbs up’ or stop and tell them ‘thanks’.  A little appreciation means as much to them as it does to you!

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