YEEESSSS!!!! We’re Doing It Again!!!

In spite of getting a late start due to the ravages of Covid and the uncertainty surrounding it (still) we have decided to go ahead with plans for sponsoring the 4th Annual LIGHT UP CONCORD!  Outdoor Decorating Contest!  It will necessarily differ from those we’ve held in the past, as we are all pretty sure we will not be allowed to congregate in the opera house as we have before.  Nor can we cram 3 judges and a chauffer in my pickup truck and go barreling all over town.  But we can still find a way to put on some sort of an appropriately socially distanced, masked, sanitized program to draw the community together (-ish) and enjoy a brief bit of Christmas cheer with each other this Holiday season.  I’m sure of it.  I’m even more sure that, as a community, we need it now more than we ever have.

We will all need to stay flexible and positive because we expect our plans will change as conditions evolve.  Most importantly, we need your support!  So PLEASE!  SIGN UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!  And spread the word as far and wide as you can, starting right now!  Forward this Post to everyone in the Concord Township and encourage them to share it, too.  There is no sense in doing this if we don’t have a significant response from our friends and neighbors.  And if you can, please volunteer.  This is an incredible amount of work and we will need many hands to lighten the load.

I will post updates on our FaceBook Page and through this “news” letter as things develop.  Time is short, people!  Let’s hop to it!

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