As of September 16th this year, I’ve been at the tiller of this budding little metropolis for 5 years, so now that’s one full term and about fourteen extra months. Considering I had no intention of running for a second term and was very forward about that from the outset; I’ve given a little bit more than I intended – but very happily so. It is, after all, very gratifying to have people telling you they want you to continue in an elected position and they think you’ve done a good job.

The fact is though, I sold my company Great Northern, in December of 2013 and the next two years were the happiest of my entire life. The most prominent reason was that after a lifetime of six and seven day weeks and ten and twelve hour days running a 24/7/365 business I was at a point where I had absolutely no commitments. None. My greatest concern was what I would cook for my wife Linda and I for dinner and who we would visit in what state and for how long. It’s time for us to get back to that – before we can’t.

When I agreed to run for a second term, it was only with the clear and specific understanding that I would NOT complete the term, I had no intention of serving another 4 years. I agreed to one more year during which I would make an effort to find a replacement, give them some training in the systems and procedures I had inaugurated and then move on to greener pastures. With this notice, I am both starting that process and committing myself to a definite exit strategy.

It is my intention to retire officially at the Board of Trustees meeting on February 14th, 2022. Until then I will be making an effort to locate my successor and introduce them to the position. There is an ad elsewhere in this newsletter, on our Face Book page and in the Salesman advertising the position; we’ll see what comes of that.

This has been a very enjoyable and rewarding position and I will always be grateful that you, the citizens of this community, saw fit to give me the opportunity to serve. Together we have accomplished an impressive slate of achievements and our Township is much better off for our efforts. There is much yet to be done, there is much that needs doing, and there will always be areas ripe for innovation and improvement. It’s time for this old fart to get out of the way and let that happen.

Again, thank you all for the opportunity, and God Bless each and every of you and our amazing little community.

Al Cavasin


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