Bruce Report #2! Important!!!

I need a lot of help getting this message out, so I’m counting on you folks to copy, paste, forward, share, print and mail this to as many people as possible.


As I’ve told you in an earlier post, Bruce Lowstutter suffered a stroke some weeks ago and is currently undergoing intensive rehabilitation to relearn his motor and life skills.  I spoke with him Last Friday and he told me hi will be released from rehab this coming Thursday!  Which is a great, great thing!  Problem is: he needs a wheelchair.  I’ve done my best to find one for him and have consistently come up empty, so I am appealing to you to help me with this.


If you – or someone you know – is in possession of a gently used wheelchair in very good to excellent condition, and you don’t need it any longer, would you please consider either donating or selling it to him at a reasonable cost?  Obviously, it is going to an excellent cause and will be put to very good use.


Should you have such an animal, please email me [email protected] or call me at the Twp. Office and let me know so I can pass the information on to him.  We will both deeply appreciate your assistance!


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