Welcome Aboard!!! New PC Members!

Please join with me in giving a hearty “Welcome Aboard” to our two new Planning Committee Members: Cindy Sue Franssen and Brian Kessman.  Both come to us highly recommended, well qualified and eager to serve.  Both are long term residents of Concord Township, both are raising families in our community and both have made significant contributions to our way of life.  This now brings our Planning Committee back up to full strength and I look very much forward to working with them!

They will join with Bill Carr, Chair; Dr. Candy McCorkle, Secretary; Naomi Carr, Member; as they seek to guide our community into the future.  The PC meets at the Township Offices the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM.  All of their meetings are open and everyone in the community is encouraged to attend.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the Planning Committee is the group who writes all of our new Ordinances – those laws that govern how we use our property, relate with one another and pursue happiness here in the Township.  They also review, revise, update and remove existing ordinances as they find necessary from time to time; they hear requests for Special or Conditional Use Permits & Variances and they are responsible for developing the five year Master Plan required to direct the growth and development of our community.  To be succinct: The Planning Committee is the most influential group in Township Government.  Any Township Government.

So, Cindy and Brian have taken on considerable responsibility and I’m certain they will appreciate your support, as will all of the PC members.  BTW:  if you are looking to get involved with your Township Government – we are always looking for volunteers to participate in work groups to help us draft and revise ordinances and update our governing documents….just come to the meetings and we’ll put you to work!


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